Why are we Standing Up? - #StandUpToBullying

Why are we Standing Up?

Bullying is an issue which affects people from all walks of life and can happen at any point. Research confirms the long-lasting and damaging outcomes for the individual being bullied including prolonged absenteeism from school (NatCen and Red Balloon, 2011) and negative consequences on physical and mental health even at the age of 50 (Takizawa et al, 2014).  The reality is, bullying isn’t confined to the school gates and its victims aren’t limited to young people. It also exists at home and in our wider communities; in boardrooms, and lunchrooms, on highstreets, stadiums and pubs. And of course, bullying exists online: The result can be a constant, and unrelenting attack.

At The Diana Award we understand that bullying is about behaviour. Unfortunately behaviour, either good or bad, is played out wherever we are; online or offline. We also understand that behaviour is learnt and therefore can be unlearnt, through modelling, education, support and the right nurturing environment (Theory of Social Learning).

The Diana Award sees this campaign as an opportunity to help change behaviour and attitude by educating the public about behaviour, how our behaviour impacts on others and our responsibility for the well being of others – through managing our own behaviour.

Stand Up to Bullying Day is a campaign that focuses on childhood bullying as well as bullying in the wider community. We are encouraging the nation to take a stand against bullying and demonstrate everyone has a role to play in tackling it.


Raise public awareness about bullying and its long term effect.

Create understanding about our collective role in tackling bullying.

Empower the public with the tools to stand up to bullying; wherever they are.