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What is an Anti-Bullying Ambassador?

What is an Anti-Bullying Ambassador?

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An Anti-Bullying Ambassador is someone who has been trained by The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign. Their role is to help educate their peers on bullying, lead on anti-bullying campaigns, promote a culture which celebrates and tolerates difference and help keep their peers safe both online and offline.

How do they help tackle bullying?

At The Diana Award, we believe in the ‘power of the peer’ as young people are best placed to tackle social issues, like bullying. Bullying often originates in peer groups (Cowie and Wallace, 2000) and peer groups can normalise certain behaviours. Peers communicate with each other in the vernacular, absent of tones of authority which teachers may exude (Topping, 1996). Research shows that young people are more likely to therefore confide and learn from each other (Rigby and Bagshaw, 2003).

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are therefore advocates of change within school communities, contributing to preventing and tackling bullying. Alongside decreasing incidences of bullying in school, there are numerous benefits to having Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in a school:

  • Anti-Bullying Ambassadors bring whole school benefits such as establishing a schooling ethos of positive behaviour and culture of young people looking out for each other
  • The student body also benefits from better quality peer relationships
  • There is a double benefit effect for students leading the schemes – students learn new skills such as empathy and communication skills, all which have important value beyond the school gates.

The Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme has trained over 18,500 young people to be Ambassadors and the programme has consistently been cited by Ofsted reports as good anti-bullying practice in schools.


It costs us just £20 to train an Anti-Bullying Ambassador in a school. Anti-Bullying Ambassadors send a strong message that bullying won’t be tolerated in their school and work with staff, students and parents to tackle the issue.

We have trained over 19,600 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in over 2,400 schools in the UK. There are over 27,000 schools, help us place more trained Ambassadors in schools.

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