What’s good practice for progressing LGBT equality in the workplace? - #StandUpToBullying

What’s good practice for progressing LGBT equality in the workplace?

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Good practice can be demonstrated in a variety of different ways.

It’s good to see if there is a staff network group in place that’s active. If not, speak to others, work on getting some senior buy-in and set one up.

Having an active Role Model and Allies presence within the workplace can also be a good way of amplifying messages, as well as continuing any current LGBT equality work being done. It also provides visibility within the workplace, which in turn empowers others and creates more of an inclusive environment to work in.

It’s also a powerful way of challenging unconscious bias and enables an organisation to work more positively and to be able to demonstrate commitment to creating a more inclusive environment that is underpinned and representative of the protected characteristics that the Equality Act 2010 expects people to conform to.

At Stonewall, we have discovered time and time again that people perform better when they can be themselves, and it doesn’t just increase productivity but can financially have good benefits such as better talent development and staff retention.

For this reason, it’s so important that employers do what they can to ensure that their work environment is one that is welcoming and encourages all members of staff to feel supported and accepted.

Celebrating and marking LGBT inclusive events on calendars and internal messaging can promote more inclusion but also awareness. Events such as LGBT History Month, Pride, IDAHOBIT and Trans Day of Visibility promote awareness and a better understanding of issues that LGBT people face. Marking these events also equips employees with better opportunities to collaborate and to unite with other people within their organisations.

Signal boost and pledge your support to an inclusion campaign. Stonewall campaigns such as Rainbow Laces and No Bystanders encourage people to stand up against homophobic, bihobic and transphobic bullying, by providing positive signalling that people are collectively making a statement and taking a stance against it.

Need support and guidance in working towards the above? Find out if your organisation is a Stonewall Diversity Champion. If not, try and encourage your HR Director to sign up to the programme.

We currently work with over 750 organisations across the private, public and third sector and cover all sectors, with dedicated account managers who can support you on your journey. You can also access key Stonewall events and seminars which promote best practice and empowerment for both employers and employees. These provide brilliant networking opportunities.