What can I do to stand up to bullying in my school or community? - #StandUpToBullying

What can I do to stand up to bullying in my school or community?

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If you’re not already an Anti-Bullying Ambassador that has been trained by The Diana Award, we encourage you to talk to your school and tell them about our training. After receiving our training students become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and are responsible for raising awareness of bullying, leading on campaigns, promoting kindness and ensuring their peers stay safe both online and offline. Find out more here.

There are lots of other ways that you can stand up against bullying in your school or community:

  1. Talk to your teacher about running assemblies in your school about what bullying is and how important it is to speak out about it.
  2. Be someone that cares about others and encourage your peers to do likewise. If you see someone being bullied in your school, try to help them or speak to a staff member.
  3. Create a notice board in your school about your anti-bullying work. Make it obvious to students where they can get help or report concerns.
  4. Write a letter to your school or your local MP to ask what they are doing to take a stand against bullying. Visit our Get Involved page to download letter templates.
  5. You could run social action projects in your school such as Kindness Day – click here to find out more
  6. You can learn more about different types of bullying and how to support someone by visiting our Support Centre