My friend is being bullied, what can I do to help? - #StandUpToBullying

My friend is being bullied, what can I do to help?

My friend is being bullied, what can I do to help?

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Report it straight away: If you know that someone is being bullied, talk to a parent or teacher. If someone is being physically hurt, run and tell an adult straight away. If you see bullying happening online, report it to the service providers.

Stand up for the person being bullied: It takes courage, but next time you see someone say or do something offensive stick up for the target. If you feel unsafe doing this, ask for the support of your friends.

Be a friend: Make a special effort to be friends with the person being bullied. Ask them to join your group, sit with them at lunch time and include them in activities both within class or socially.

Never join in: If you see someone being bullied, don’t join in. If the bully tries to get you to help, refuse and walk away.

Stop the rumours: Don’t help to spread rumours about another person. If someone fills you in on gossip, let it end with you.

Don’t be an internet troll! If there are rumours, offensive comments and pictures being spread on social media or on an internet site, do not add to it or share the posts further, as this will make you a cyber bully.

Support and empower the target: Talk to the person being bullied. Try to offer them support and encourage them to report what’s happening to the school. Tell them about Kidscape’s website, and offer to go with them to talk to the teacher or a trusted adult.

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